Children aged 5 to 15 years can join and take part in weekly events from October to March at Dolamore Reserve, Mentone. The centre competition is open to all children who, at the end of December, will be at least 5 years of age and no older than 15 years of age.  Children under 5 can join in mid-season, after they turn 5. Age groups are based on your child's age as at 31st December each year, for example if your child is 10 on the 31st December, they will be an Under 11 for that summer season.

Once Registrations are open you can go online to register or renew (if you are a returning athlete).

  • Returning Athlete?  Click HERE to access the Little Athletics Victoria Registration System to re-register your child or children.
  • Budding Athlete?  If you would like to register a brand new member please HEREThere is a Free Trial option, but please note performances from trial sessions will not be recorded, so if you are sure your child is keen please complete a full registration up-front.

Don’t forget that you will need to nominate your parent duty dates at the same time. Our club relies on volunteers and each family is required to nominate for duties as part of the registration process and complete those duties to be eligible for a duty bond refund.  Please click here for Parent Duties information and nomination.

Registration Fees - NOT YET UPDATED FOR SEASON 2021/22

Registration fees cover our Little Athletics Victoria (LAVic) affiliation fees, insurance, buildings levy, equipment and electricity. A $50 refundable parent duty bond is also collected during the registration process.  The bond is refundable once the required parent duties have been completed.

2020/21 Membership Fees (Post Xmas - New Year):

First Member


Family (2 Children) $310*
Family (3 Children) $420*
Family (4 Children) $525*
Family (5 Children) $625*

*(includes $50 refundable duty bond)

Refund Policy

Our registrations fees are made up of a non-refundable LAVic component, a centre component and our parent duty bond.  Although LAVic cannot refund their component of the fees, we have implemented the following refund policy for Season 2020-21 due to the uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • If we're shut down after completing 0-4 rounds, we will refund $110 for the first child, reducing proportionately for additional children based on fees paid.  This includes the $50 parent duty bond.

  • If we're shut down after completing 5-10 rounds, we will refund $55 for the first child assuming one third to half the required parent duties have been performed (depending on how many rounds we host), or $30 otherwise.  This refund will also reduce proportionately for additional children based on fees paid.

  • If we're shut down after completing 10 or more rounds, we will refund the $50 duty bond assuming sufficient duties have been performed.  No refund otherwise.

Note there is an additional refund of $12.30 from LAVic for returning Athletes in Season 2020-21, irrespective of how many rounds we are able to host.