Southern Metropolitan Region Track and Field Championships

2020-21 Wrap Up

Congratulations to the 77 Mentone athletes who competed at the SMR Region Track & Field championships last weekend. It was great to see all the athletes showing amazing sportsmanship, supporting and cheering one another, and trying their best.

Over 50 of our Athletes have progressed to the State Championships at Lakeside next weekend - click here for LAVic event page including progressions and draft timetable.

Special mention to our gold medialists Delilah Dartnell (2), Emily Crosswell (2), Serena Lee (3), Lexi Brown (1), Brooklyn Towler (1), Sophie Cheep (2), Lily Parsons (3), Hannah Wilcock (4), Jemmah Patton (2), Liam Costello (1), Levi Dayaseela (1), Adin Boardman (1), Deng Agook (1), Ben Lorencak (1), Valentino Bertucci (3) and Max Hoult (1).

Our record breakers were:

Sebastian Trouw U11B Discus - Any Venue Record of 31.73m

Brooklyn Tower U14G 1500M Walk - Any Venue Record of 7:49.85

Deng Agook U12B High Jump - equal Any Venue Record of 1.52m

It was great to see our U11 boys at Discus cheering and supporting each other through the event, as well as our U11 girls showing great support to each other and having lots of fun in between their events.

Our older athletes were giving tips to the younger ones and it is great to see them being role models to our younger athletes. Some of our older athletes juggled two competitions on the weekend - participating in the Athletics Victoria State championships as well.  Well done to all those athletes who participated and medalled there also. 

Thank you to all our parent helpers and officials, including Lucy Jackson for the amazing photos from the weekend. Please check out the Mentone Little Athletics Centre on Facebook and Instagram pages to view the photos. 

Our Medalists were:


U9 Girls

Delilah Dartnell 1st in 100m, 1st in 800m, 2nd in 60m H and 2nd in Long Jump

Emily Crosswell 1st in Shot Put and 1st in Discus

Eden Benton 2nd in 800m

Summer Marin 2nd in High Jump

Persia Karageorgiou 3rd in Long Jump

Milla Beames 3rd in Shot Put


U10 Girls

Scarlett Daniel 3rd in High Jump 


U11 Girls

Serena Lee 1st in Long Jump, 1st in Triple Jump and 1st in Shot Put

Lexie Brown 1st in 80m Hurdles, 2nd in 200m, 2nd in Long Jump and 3rd in Triple Jump

Lucille Malcolmson 2nd in Javelin, 3rd in 80m Hurdles

Clementine Conlan 3rd in 1500m

Sienna Bertucci 3rd in Discus


U12 Girls

Abbie Jeacock 3rd in Long Jump


U13 Girls

Isabel Rogers 2nd in 80m H and 3rd in Triple Jump

Isabella Bertucci 2nd in Javelin


U14 Girls

Brooklyn Tower 1st in 1500m Walk, 2nd in 400m and 3rd in Javelin

Sophie Cheep 1st in Long Jump, 1st in Triple Jump and 2nd in 100m

Mizuki Roche 3rd in 80m H


U15 Girls

Lily Parsons 1st in 100m, 1st in 200m, 1st in Long Jump and 2nd in 90m H

Sophie Wilcock 3rd in Long Jump, 3rd in Shot Put and 3rd in Javelin

Aaliyah Goodland 3rd in 200m

Isabella Martignon-Williamson 3rd in Triple Jump


U16 Girls

Hannah Wilcock 1st in 400m, 1st in 90m H, 1st in 300m H and 1st in High Jump

Jemmah Paton 1st in Long Jump, 1st in Triple Jump, 2nd in High Jump and 3rd in 100m

Claudia Chmara 2nd in Long Jump, 3rd in 90m H, 3rd in 200m and 3rd in Javelin



Liam Costello 1st in Shot Put, 2nd in 100m, 2nd in 200m and 2nd in Long Jump


U9 Boys

Levi Dayaseela 1st in Shot Put and 2nd in Discus

Sebastian Malcolmson 2nd in 70m and 2nd in 60m H 


U10 Boys

Benjamin Trouw 3rd in 200m  and 3rd in 800m

Zac Pearson 3rd in 100m


U11 Boys

Adin Boardman 1st in Shot Put and 3rd in Triple Jump

Tyson Beames 2nd in 200m

Sebastian Trouw 3rd in Discus


U12 Boys

Deng Agook 1st in High Jump, 2nd in Long Jump, 2nd in 200m and 2nd in 400m

Benjamin Lorencak 1st in 1500m Walk

Riley Sullivan 2nd in 400m, 2nd in 800m and 3rd in 100m


U13 Boys

Adrian Amitrano 3rd in 100 and 3rd in 400m

Ethan Smith 3rd in Shot Put and 3rd in Triple Jump

Archer Duke 3rd in 200m


U14 Boys

Eifion Evans 2nd in 400 and 3rd in 800m


U15 Boys

Valentino Bertucci 1st in Long Jump, 1st in Discus and 1st in 300m H

Sam Stefanec 2nd in Long Jump, 2nd in Triple Jump and 2nd in High Jump


U16 Boys

Max Hoult 1st in 100m Hurdles and 2nd in Long Jump


Link to full results can be found here.



IMPORTANT - As at 10:20pm Friday 26th the SMR Track and Field timetable on the LAVic website is correct.  Results Hub is also correct.

Please check the event page for the timetable (refresh the page) - I'm not brave enough to link directly to the timetable...

The 2021 SMR Track & Field Carnival is taking place at the Duncan Mackinnon Reserve in Murrumbeena on the 27th and 28th of February 2021.  The event is open to U9-U16 Athletes.

The LAVic Information Page is here.

The COVID Plan is here.  Note that there's a single entry point under the main grandstand.

Parent Duty Roster

Parents of participating athletes, click here for the Saturday duty roster and here for the Sunday duty roster, then click here to email Alexandra Woods ( by 5pm Friday 26th February to confirm that you will perform your duty.

  • Parent duties are essential to the hosting of these events.  Note that if you have multiple children competing, you will be allocated one duty per child, per day they are competing.
  • Closed-shoes are required when on duty - no thongs/sandals.
  • Please don't use your phones whilst on duty and no photography.
  • Please check-in at the Mentone tent 15 mins before your duty - don't go straight to your duty.
  • Failure to perform your duty puts unfair pressure on our committee and other parents and will result in forfeiture of your Parent Duty Bond or even prevent your child from participating.

General Info

  • We'll be setting up tents for everyone, but BYO chairs.  We will have limited space, so please understand that someone will most likely sit in your chair if you're not using it.
  • Full centre uniform is required - including Chest Patches (hopefully with Commonwealth Bank stickers) and Coles Patches.  No pockets, lines, or logos larger than 40x40mm on shorts.  LAVic regulations are here.
  • Athletes, please arrive with plenty of time for parking, COVID check-in and present at the table at our tents for a uniform check about 1 hour before your event.
  • The Track Call Room opens 30 mins before event time, and CLOSES 20 mins before event time.  There is no Field Call Room - Athletes should go straight to their field event (or the gate in the fence nearest their event) when called or 10 mins before event time.
  • Parking will be tricky - there is additional parking along East Boundary Road, south of the track.
  • Our Team Manager on Saturday is Paivi Bertucci 0415 552 818, then on Sunday we have Tess Meyer 0413 595 848 and Janine Dixon 0411 349 465.  Please contact them if you have any problems.

Go Mentone!

Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena