Invitation from Mentone Masters 30+ Athletics

We do it under lights!

We cordially invite all the parents of Mentone Little Athletic Athletics Club Members who are 30+ (or close to it) to visit us on a Wednesday evening at Mentone Masters and add to your athletic repertoire, even if you aren’t athletic at the moment.

Masters is there for ages 30+, any ability, any level of fun or seriousness. Masters provides a platform from ground level to world champs.

From an easy walk, jog, sprint or throw (all 4 if you are a little crazy) to going as hard and fast as you can.

With new Initiatives from Victorian Masters 30+ Athletics both financially and athletically now is a nice time to jump on board.

$15 annual membership for NEW registrations!

So if you are out there working on your fitness, or want a start, join us UNDER LIGHTS on a Wednesday night from 7pm to about 8.30 for a Run, Sprint, Walk or Throw, followed by a bit of food and fun with presentations.

Oh, by the way, it is not always the fastest that wins on the night!

So just come on down or ring up for more details!

Julian Boland - Mentone Masters 30+ Athletics
0406 544 384 or email